Sunday, August 29, 2010

Boulder 2010

We went on our annual trip to Boulder Mountain. It seemed like the vacation went by too fast though. We hiked the Sulphur Creek trail, here are the boys (left) with Chimney Rock in the background. Summer had strep throat for almost the entire camp, but she still made this hike that was pretty close to 8 miles long. The photo below is the strep victim passing out under a tree.

This hike was fun we had to hike through the river for just about the whole 8 miles.


One of the fun family vacations we did this year was to Palisades State Park. We had never been before, but we had a blast and I'm sure we will go back again. We went with our friends Brian and Bethany and their little boy Bridger. The kids loved playing in the water, jumping off the back of the paddle boats and riding their bikes.

We broke out the ladder ball set for a few minutes and ate some good food. It was over the fourth of July so we went into Manti to see if we could see them, but we left when we found out they weren't going to be by the temple.

Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary

To celebrate Mom and Dad's anniversary we went to Heber Camp, a camp owned by the church. We hiked up to the top of this trail and this was the view.

Love you mom and dad, here are the young love birds on the love boat:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Frozen Hog 2010

OK. So this was my first mountain bike race ever. My brother Ryan and I decided that it might be fun. It rained the morning of the race so the whole course turned into one giant slurpee. Here I am looking pretty happy, I must have just been dilarious or frozen or both.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Donut Falls

So I got the snowshoes out and headed up to Donut Falls. I can't really move my legs very good anymore but I was able to make it there.


I'm finally getting around to putting a Halloween picture out here. Jackson dressed like Davy Crockett and "Buddy" made him this costume. He was so excited.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birds and More Birds

So it turns out that Summer has a sick infatuation with birds. Every vacation she takes a picture of at least one variety of bird. Here are a collection of them from last Summer. You know there really isn't such thing as a cute or good-looking bird most of them just look evil or suspicious like they want to poop on you.

This pelican's picture was taken at the beach just before it scooped up one of the kids to feed to it's chicks. Not a good looking bird, not at all........

This bird over on the right is a Disneyland bird, so we are not actually sure if it's an actual, real-live bird. When it started singing Zippedty -Doo-Da we were even more confused, maybe at Disneyland they train their birds to sing Disney tunes.

Finally, the bird at the bottom is a rat with wings we found at Lower Calf Creek falls. Doesn't it look suspicious and a bit angry?

Uncle Charles

Summer's Uncle Charles passed away around Christmas time. I found some photos kicking around when I was working on another project. The little one in the first picture is Declan.

Then these are up at Grandpa Fowle's cabin: